Playing Bleach vs. Naruto


Bleach vs Naruto Flash Games Version 9 - To begin once main game is visible, click on the game to activate menu, then pick your bleach vs naruto game type by pressing "W" key to scroll down and "S" key to scroll up, then press "J" key to select bleach vs naruto game type. Use the "A" key and "D" key to move back and forth to pick your bleach vs naruto game fight character. Then use "J" key to chose. After you pick all bleach vs naruto game players with "J" key, game will start if not press J" key again "K" key takes you back to main menu. You need to pick 4 bleach vs naruto fighting characters. 

Normal is Single Player Mode, VS Comp is Play against computer Mode, VS Human is Two player Mode

Normal Mode and VS Comp Mode bleach vs naruto game keys are Movement left "A" right "D", "S" to defend, " J" to attack, "K" to jump, "L" to run fast, "U" is to shoot power beam, "I" is super shot (need to be angry to be full), "O" get power back.

Keys that can be played together "W+J" power ring, "S+J" ring of fire, "W+U" fire crystal darts, "S+U" power charge, "W+I", "S+I" to get up if knocked down, Duck down press "L" and killer pres "J+K"


VS Human Mode Two player bleach vs naruto game mode:

Pick four charcacters with keys below then press "J" to start, this is important or two player mode will not work!! Player 1 selects one character, then Player two with their keys selects one character, then player one selects, then player two selects, then you press "J" to start.

Player 1 keys are same as for single player above.

Player 2 use the left and right cursor keys to pick character, then press number "1" to select character, keys are the number keypad, numbers 1-6, "1" is to select character and also fight, "2" to jump, down cursor and "1" power, up cusor and "6" crystal darts etc

If you get black screen press "return" key and pick menu or anytime in game to go to menu